Making a shirt – no swearing involved – work in progresss


I never made a “grown-up shirt”. Not one with buttons, long sleeves, or  all the basic details  a shirt has.  So I decided to give it a try.

I am working with this pattern from Burda (5.08) and using cotton and for now – it’s not that bad.


So here’s a peek of the work in progress. (Feel free to point out he mistakes, you win points:)

The buttonholes and buttons should be hidden, but I have a funny feeling about it. We’ll see.

Actually I have a feeling this will be a wear-under-sweater shirt, but if it leads to me mastering this pattern it’s still ok.

8 thoughts on “Making a shirt – no swearing involved – work in progresss”

  1. The title made me laugh so much. The last time I did any sewing from a pattern – after spending 2 hours in the fabric store with my teenaged daughter and her friend – I headed right to the liquor store (I am so NOT a “drinker”). At the time, I was sewing tulle skirts for them to wear to a concert. After that little project, I realized if I were to actually sew half as much as I think I’d like, I might end up an alcoholic…
    But I do admire those that do what you do.

  2. :)) I can totally relate to that.

    If I screw up something really bad I am depressed for a day (and I am not a depress-er:)

    Yet, the shirt is not over yet, so we’ll see…

    Thanks for commenting: )

  3. Can’t wait to see the shirt completed. Some of my favorite projects were made of el-cheapo fabric I bought just to try a pattern…a *bright* tropical fish printed jumpsuit for DD (at 3yo) comes to mind…it was at some bin sale type of store for 49 cents a yard for a 3yo a yard about covers it – so I grabbed it up. With her coloring – it was PERFECT, and I could always spot her a mile a way at the play grounds, haha.

  4. beautiful pattern matching at the front horizontal seam! I think the plackets for the buttons & button holes are not over lapped enough.

    Did you finish it?

    1. Now looking at the picture I can see that. You are right, the plackets should overlap and here they just barely touch.

      I didn’t finish it yet, no (shame on me), but you’ve inspired me to unseam some parts and finish it.

      Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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