Mindful living: what matters most to you?


That moment when you have a lot of extra work to do and you’re wondering: why am I doing this? And moreover, am I doing the right thing? I’m cuddled on my white sofa, covered in the soft, baby blue blanket smelling of shampoo and I am procastinating. I find this story:

I’m usually up around 7am-ish checking my emails, going over my to-do list for the day and reading my daily blogs and websites while sipping some tea and munching a light breakfast.
The rest of the morning is usually spent packaging orders while picking up around the house. I take a break at some point to work out for a bit.
Lunchtime is spent with my wonderfully supportive boyfriend.
The rest of the afternoon I’ll either paint, work on digital illustrations, or design/print/package/photograph new items for the shop.
Then while cooking dinner, I update my shop with new items and “relists” and I finish up any emails for the day.
I usually don’t stop just because it’s 5pm, but I do move operations out into the living room. Normally during the evening I will work on sketches or line art for various projects, although sometimes I enjoy painting in the evenings too.

This is a normal day in the life of StephanieFizer, in an article on Etsy.

This sounds wonderful and I promise myself I am going to be more mindful about my free time in the future.

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