Mid-sleeve longline knit cardigan (Oslo)

The Oslo Cardigan pattern from Seamwork was the first I bought and even though I didn’t blog about it I made five versions of it: one is this longer version with shorter sleeves, another is a micro-fleece house robe, a third, another longer cardigan made of suede (it was not stretchy so it turned out one size smaller), a fourth, a short wool cardigan that was too itchy to wear and a fifth garment, a kimono style wool cardigan with knitted sleeves and a belt.

The version here was the first one I made. One of the mistakes I made was eyeing the pattern when deciding how long this cardigan was going to be, without really stopping to think whether a really long cardigan would really be useful/comfortable/flattering. In the end I had to cut off a big chunk of fabric from the bottom. This mistake also led to not having enough fabric for long sleeves.

Now I measure first and cut second.


I added two fabric loops at the waist level, on the back seams, slimmed the collar and shortened the sleeves.

The fabric is a mystery knit I found as a bolt end at Fabricland. Most of the time mystery knits (where the percentage of each type of fibre is not described on the label) tends to be polyester with some cotton or rayon, but this feels like it has a lot of cotton and it doesn’t feel like plastic to the touch.

At the counter, a very elegant lady, waiting in line behind me also touched the fabric and complimented me on my choice. She also noted with a smile that everything I had bought was dark blue.

She was buying ultramarine buttons and a zipper and was wearing a dark blue trench coat and indigo trousers. It was love at first sight.


The denim dress I am wearing underneath is made with the Adelaide Seamwork pattern, a dress that I completely refashioned after I taking those photos.


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