MMM16 Weeks 3 and 4

A bit late, but just as insightful as if would have been, have I written this two weeks ago ūüôā

Week three

The third week of May was dedicated to watercolor. I received a beautiful new watercolor pad as a gift and the paper is beautiful! It was such a pleasure to paint on it.

My me-mades on the drying line are, from right to left:

  • a me-made striped t-shirt I made using a self-drafted pattern,
  • another white self-made t-shirt,
  • a suede house robe I made as a muslin for the Oslo cardigan¬†and turned out really pretty,
  • a self drafted blue cotton floral eyelet t-shirt blouse
  • a pair of new pajamas in a fun robots and rackets fabric, using the Moji pants Seamwork pattern¬†and replacing the drawstring with elastic

mmm16 week 3

Week four

I was travelling the last week of June so my me-made-outfits were a bit more planned than usual. Again from left to right:

  • the¬†floral peplum top I self-drafted and thrifted denim shorts with a new hem
  • a RTW green tank top I had for ever and the refashioned jeans I got from my sister last year.
  • a batwing wool knit dress I refashioned recently and leggings

mmm16 week 4 part two

  • a RTW little black dress and a tiny floral shirt I made recently using¬†a pattern I made starting from the Negroni shirt pattern by Collette Patterns
  • a blue top with a mesh lace top part of the bodice (this must have a more specific name, do you know it?) with a loong story. When I first bought it, it was a long-sleeved, shirred hem, super see-through pink blouse. With a snip there and a dye bath there it turned into something I wear quite a lot!

MMM16 week 4 part one

Things I learned from MMM16

I wasn’t sure what I was going to gain from Me Made May, but I always love everyone’s post, ideas, point of view. I¬†thought I knew everything I needed to know about my wardrobe, but I discovered some new things:

  • Most of the RTW garments I own are refashioned/edited/remade/changed in some way. I didn’t realise it before, but I almost never wear¬†a piece of clothing the way it was designed to be worn
  • When I make my own clothes, I don’t focus on tailoring and fitting as much as I should. I end up with meh-fitting garments I spent hours to make, when just another hour of seam unpicking (aaargh!), removing a couple of centimetres here and there, adding a little dart, would turn that garment into something beautiful!
  • I still have a lot of clothes that I love because I’ve made them and they are beautiful, but don’t feel right for me/my lifestyle. I need to do something about this.
  • I had a lot of fun with the different types of illustrations I used for these two last weeks, as well as week 2 and week 1.

What about you? How was your MMM16?


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