More fabric scraps and patchwork experiments

patchwork square rooster buildings purple palm tree and wallpaper

I was talking the other day about fabric scraps, how they seem to infinitely multiply, get forgotten and generally make a big mess. Inspired by the comments and mails I got (thank you!) I started taking out some of the scraps bags from “the attic” (will keep you informed about the fabric organization process) and decided to give patchwork another try.

patchwork square fabric flower bunny turtle denim

This time I cut more and calculated less and it was nice. Fun even πŸ˜‰ Fewer headaches. And I think the three patchwork fat quarters came out ok.

patchwork square purple leaves denim

At first I wanted to make pillow cases (yes, the pillow thing again:), but now I’m wondering if I could ever have the patience and dedication to make a bed spread for example.

Suggestions? πŸ˜€