My first Anker’s Summer Tee in Drops Bomull Lin


I had been looking at this pattern for a while, but I am not a big fan of trends, so I resisted purchasing it for a long while. In the end, seeing so many beautiful cotton and linen projects, I jumped and bought it. I was surprised that the pattern came in Spanish because the shop realized I was in Spain, but which a quick email to pattern support I got the English version as well.

anker's bomull lin summer blouse

The pattern

This was my first pattern from Petite Knit and I really like how it was written. Not too long, not too short and very clear. I get scared when I see a pattern with 30 pages, I prefer charts or understanding the recipe, so I can fly freely.

I had tried another round yoke before from an Elizabeth Zimmerman recipe, but I didn’t like the fit. Being all ribbed and having the increases spread in a smart way, this fits very nicely.

There are no short rows, so if you like them, you’ll need to add them yourself.

The yarn

It was also the first time I used Drops Bomull Lyn. The year before I had bought lace-weight 100% linen from a local yarn shop, which I loved, but couldn’t use if, because when I held it double, it was too see-through for my liking. When I held it triple, the fabric was too stiff and bulky, and not fit for a garment. I did use some of it (I’ll tell you later what I made with it) and still have some in stash, but I couldn’t make a garment out of it, and I was heartbroken. And wallet broken. But it’s nice yarn, it’s ok.

Anyway, the Drops Bomull Lyn. I was on the fence because it seems too thick for a summer garment, but I thought the added cotton in the composition would make it softer and more malleable. I thought I’d make a bag if the yarn didn’t work for the top. I bought 4 balls, knowing very well it was not enough, but sometimes we do inexplicable things.

I made an XS, very cropped and finished the bottom ribbing in a different yarn I had in stash, but I think it’s not really noticeable. I am a very loose knitter and my gauge was 18 st per 10 cm (4 inches) and I knew the yarn would grow. It fits perfectly, with just a few cm of ease for my 88 cm (34.5 in) bust.

I took the photo after I had already worn this many times. I didn’t block it, just put out to dry as it was. Line gets smoother after each wash but not cotton, so this feels a bit rough and crispy after washing, but soften after the first wear. I don’t mind the crispness though.

The needles

I used 3.25mm wooden needle, a Lykke shorty for this project. It was also my first time knitting with Lykke, I just bought one pair of needles and a cable. I would have preferred the 3mm, but it seems they only make fixed needles in that size? The needles are compatible with my KnitPro cables, hooray. I wasn’t sure about the shorties but I loved them. They helped me start another cotton project after many failed attempts at using that stash yarn.

anker summer tee

The project

If I make this again, I would make it a bit longer and decrease a few stitches after the sleeves. I think it would look better. I made it without short rows, but I think it’s OK without them.

I should also go and hide better my knots and yarn ends. I can do this with a needle and thread.

All in all, a fun, engaging knit that I would like to try again.

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