My New Laptop Bag

Laptop Bag

The fun thing about this bag is that it was born to keep company to a pair of boots I bought. Since the boots are a bit outside my clothing comfort zone (see below), I needed something that would:
1. Tame them a bit
2. Carry my laptop
3. Look nice:)

My first idea was to use leatherette or vinyl, but I wanted something more casual, so in the end I decided to use dark denim.

Now back to the boots. These boots are something. Something I would never ever – normally – buy (cross my heart and hope to die). It was love at first sight. (Since I don’t believe in that, I had to wait three weeks to actually go back and buy them:) They feel nice, they are well made and well sewn -plus they make a noise that could wake up the dead – so why not?

The Boots!

Apart from that, these boots are starting to war against some of my other bags – specially backpacks, so I worked from them and for them.

I decided to keep the bag simple and sleek. I wanted a big sturdy laptop bag, but neither a backpack or a messenger. I love messengers, but I hate them bouncing against my body and that gets worse with a laptop inside. Plus it makes you walk like the Hunchback of Notre Dame.

I wanted something simple, with an interesting shape, comfortable and last but not least that would look good with the new boots. (Yay!) A few hours later this is what I got.

(Got carried away and made the lining out of patchwork like glittery fabric :))

The Laptop Bag - inside

I’d love to know your opinion, so drop me a comment, or a line, or a tweet @skyturtle, even a smoke signal if you’d like 🙂