My new “ninas” bag!

I love it, i love the material, the shape, the girls:)


This is the inside


and these are closeups of the girls. Aren’t they lovely?
































Can’t wait to see what my friend did with her half:> Dana, what say you?

3 comments on My new “ninas” bag!

  • armyofmice

    :)) this is funny! last night i was in my mother’s room(she’s out of town, i have the whole place to myself) and i had some left-over fabric from a bag i’m making for ana’s sister 🙂 and i was thinking what to do with it ( it’s a long story, i only wanted 0,5 m, but it was the last piece and i had to buy it all- 1,35 m). and then it hit me, it’s perfect for “las ninas”. i don’t think i’ll manage to finish today, but when i do i’ll post the pictures 😀 i was thinking about calling them “fetele vesele”, even though they don’t look that gay. what say u?! :))

    • inahowto

      Ahahah, so cool!!

      Wanna see, wanna see. I am going to sew somthing now.

      Oh, and I bought a great fabric, it looks like a newspaper!

  • armyofmice

    i see now what you mean by great! 😀 i would say “genius” :))

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