My Perfect Summer Shorts Pattern

I love it when this happens. When after many trials, I finally get a pattern I love and can use again and again. I’ve been investing more time in learning how to draft patterns lately. And I sort of got over the idea of making a wearable but not perfect (or un-wearable!) muslin. I don’t like wasting fabric and throwing away things but I do like learning from my own errors.

This time my errors created this shorts pattern, which is exactly what I’ve been looking for since a million years ago. I couldn’t find a very basic short pattern that would fit me, would be comfortable enough to sleep in but cute enough to wear outside and that could be made in under an hour. No pockets, no buttons, just a nice elastic waist and a well-fitting shape.

I am very happy with it and I already made three, one in seersucker, one in a flowery cotton and a third in pink sateen to wear under short dresses 🙂

What do you think? Do you have your own perfect pattern for shorts or a tank top or maybe a skirt?