My sewing machine and I – a story of love

sewing machine love

I love my sewing machine.

I remember how I bought it and carried it home for the first time. The times I took it to the sewing machine doctor and got her back as good as new. I remember the three months without her and the happiness of being reunited.

I remember when the lightbulb still worked and when it didn’t use to make this weird sound that I would compare with human coughing.

My sewing machine is sick and I feel sad.

Now, I’ve opened it a couple of times and did basic maintenance/fixing things like removing lint and oiling it, reinstalling the drive belt (i am not abusing the machine, this happened after she travelled without me) but I wouldn’t say I am an expert. And from all the things I “fixed” since I was 10 until one I don’t know If I could trust myself repairing it.

But since I do not want her to die, I shall do some cleaning and playing doctor inspecting the problems this evening. I suspect (and hope) the drive belt might be the problem and not the motor.

Wish me luck.

photo source: Secret Lentil on Flickr

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