My top five moments for the month of May

It seems that just a few weeks ago it was snowing outside and everything was sugar-glazed and yet my burned nose still remebers the knitting session by the lake a few weeks ago. I love how seasons change but I am mesmerized of how fast time flies. And it seems to just go faster as I grow older wiser.

In an attempt of recording some of the little day to day, seasonal pleasures that make life so beautiful I’ll introduce a best of post at the end of every month. It would be so cool if you would joing me in doing the same.

5. This scribbled poem on a library desk

I was working at the library the other day and I saw this poem scribbled on my old, wooden desk:

“Why ain’t it always summer?

Why must it end?

Who wants to put their shoes on?


summer poem scribbled into old wooden desk

Hah 🙂 And what better time to see this than Spring, so you can really appreciate the coming of summer?

4. Not rushing through my knitting

When i work on a project I get this strong feeling of having to FINISH IT as soon as possible. Which makes treat things I like to do like a chore sometimes. So this time I’ve only picked up this project when i wanted to and only did a few rows if that is all I felt like it. A great inspiration for knitting is Jen, who I think might be responsible for my new found love of knitting.

work in progress hand knitting mint cotton yarn on wooden floor

3. Getting new, wooden needles

Since my new addiction passion for knitting, I’ve realised how important it is to have the ride size needles when working on an imagined project and how wonderful it feels to work with wooden needles. I love the texture and their soft toc-toc.

Hey, you, knitters out there, do you do anything to keep you wooden needles happy? Like oil or wax? Is it crazy to ask?

set of wooden knitting needles with multicoloured cords

2. Spring!

We moved to Canada a few months ago and it was strange to leave Barcelona in almost spring and then wait for it for so long. In one week everything exploded into green leaves and posh flowers.

blooming pink spring tree under a blue sky

1. Knitting in public

The best moment this month was knitting in public for the first time. I love it when Heidi talks about kitting and sewing in public transport, but it was never something I did. It was beautiful to feel the lake breeze (get a sunburn) and knit at the same time.

knitting by the lake a new summer tshirt

What about you? What was our favourite thing about this month?

4 thoughts on “My top five moments for the month of May”

  1. Ms. Lizzy J

    My favorite thing about May is flowers. Everything coming into bloom. My lilac bush just totally EXPLODED with blooms this year, and they smelled SO good!

    1. It’s true, there’s lots of white lilac next to my house and I always stop and smell it. It’s wonderful!
      Great to see you again around here, Lizz 🙂

  2. The best thing about May are the little tastes of summer that you get! We had a couple of delicious days where the sun was really warm and it really felt like summer… it’s cooler again now, but I just love those first little glimpses of summer!

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