New bags – Mailman, Urban-Fairy and Retronia

Since the planning world domination handbag pattern seemed to be liked, I made three more bags from the same pattern: Mailman, the Urban Fairy and Retronia.

Mailman is a roomy handbag in tones of tan, brown and dark blue with an oversized stamped postcard print. It’s lined in cotton and closes with a zipper.

mailbag handbag

The Urban Fairy handbag is made of soft vintage looking tapestry canvas printed with leaf-like shapes, handwriting and fairy faces. The bag has tones of blue, light blue and grey-blue.


And last, but not least, The Retronia handbag is made of tapestry canvas printed with baroque-style flower and plants in tones of red, orange and burgundy.

flowers and fruit handbag

flowers and fruit handbag

The bags are lined in cotton and close with a zipper. They can be worn over the shoulder or over the arm. They’re made of sturdy tapestry cotton and sewn with care so it should last a long time if you treat it well. And wash it a lot, like I do 🙂

The bag fits A4 magazines, notebooks, papers etc so you can use it as an everyday work/school bag, but it still looks dressy if you just use it for carrying your wallet, phone and your favorite book. You can use it to go grocery shopping if you want as the bag is resistant and made to carry stuff around not to be kept in a closet.

Suggestions, tips? What do you think of the fabric I used?

7 thoughts on “New bags – Mailman, Urban-Fairy and Retronia”

    1. Very glad you like them 🙂
      The mail man fabric is a bit stiff, it’s destined to be used for tapestry, but I guess you could make a skirt out of it, yes. Mmmm… thinking 🙂

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