New Newspaper Obi

This is fantastic! After some time of wearing minibags I started wondering how would things be if there would be no visible bag, nothing to make you uneasy while dancing or while travelling.


This obi has two pockets: one of them is on the inside (fits a passport, wallet, minimap, mobile, keys etc.), the other one on the outside. It’s very sturdy and comfty.

Best fits waists from 60 to 80 (size xs and x) 

What do you think?obi_wear_side

4 thoughts on “New Newspaper Obi”

  1. The only rather strange thing is that it leaves a tiny space between the back and the obi. Whit a shirt, though, that dissapears. Also, if you wear it higher, not down on the waist, the issue is gone:)

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