Ode to Vintage Sewing: Inspiration

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I’m not even sure what makes it so special. Why vintage sewing is so magical and breath-taking.

Maybe it’s the black and white pictures, the perfect hour-glass silhouettes, the feminine lines, or maybe it’s how nicely they fit the women in vintage fashion photography.

Clothes are so affordable now and we’ve become such automated shopping machines, that buying a garment that fits, that’s both durable and well-made is not important anymore.

In September last year I started a clothes shopping fast and five months later I’ve bought: a pair of pants to replace the pair that my mother accidentally burned and fitness gear (a pair of shorts and a t-shirt).

I’ll share more about this soon, but one of the things I’ve realised is how few clothes we really need. I’ve travelled for 3 weeks in December and January, in different climates and I’ve managed with around 12 pieces. I washed t-shirts overnight when I needed to, I mixed and matched and in general I was free to enjoy my holidays and not worry about what I’ll wear (my secret was to take everything I really loved with me:).

One of my resolutions this year is to sew less. To spend more time drawing clothes, thinking about garments I would like to sew and less time sewing. I want to create garments I will love. And wear and wear and wear.

Vintage fashion is one of my new sources of inspiration. Hope you like the Board 🙂



9 thoughts on “Ode to Vintage Sewing: Inspiration”

    1. Thank you Maddie! That’s the key to everything it seems, right? Doing things the right way, because you want to.

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