OMG I love cartoons BAG!

Yes, I’ve found this terrific fabric last week in a flea market and had to make a daily carry- all, amaze-all bag out of it. Today, even my boss noticed it and thought it was cool: )




















And check some of the words on it I discovered this evening in the elevator:

“When I was 12 years old I read Foundation, a science fiction book by Isaac Asimov”

How cool is THAT?

Closer look:












































And inside, fully lined, with 2 big pockets:


6 thoughts on “OMG I love cartoons BAG!”

  1. i sooo hate u and your amazing flea market!! :)) genial! i loves it 😀 cu prima ocazie, ma gandesc sa iti trimit bani sa imi iei si mie niste materiale de la puricosii aia 😛 sa ma dau si eu patrata prin bucuresti 😛

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