On how to be brave and just cut into that fabric you love

I bought this black and white upholstery rooster fabric a while ago and I wanted to so many things with it that I couldn’t decide what do with it. ( It was just half a meter piece.)

I found that the best way to face your fear of cutting a piece of fabric that you love is actually cutting it. I usually sew up something small, like a pouch, a wallet, a little purse so I can get over: “omg I love this fabric so much I can’t do anything with it” syndrome.

Seeing this fabric already used (and how the Earth did not melt down) makes it easier to sew a bigger project from the nice fabric. And if you completely ruin it, at least you have a nice pouch to remind you forever of that cool fabric you once had and ruined:)

So this is my newest makeup and toiletries travel pouch. It’s made of the much-loved black and white rooster fabric, has an ecological leather bottom (to protect it from wet sinks) and it’s lined in baby pink sateen. I added a dotty green handle to make the roosters happy.

How do you build up courage to cut into your favorite fabric?

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