On Personal Style and How Much Clothes Matter

This post was inspired by my friend Andreea, who always had an eclectic, fun style. It was pleasure to see her entering the room; at an important meeting or client pitch, when everybody was wearing dark colours, she would catch your attention and steal a smile with a bright orange blouse and glossy lollipop pink hair. She’d wear stuff that you’d only see in fashion magazines spreads and look – apart from awesome – perfectly natural. She’d wear bright red lipstick and big earrings shaped like grapes!

But what’s more delightful, is to see how good she feels about being herself.

Even though we don’t live in the same country anymore and I can’t delight my eyes with her presence, she still inspires me. Today she facebooked the photo of the guy below saying:

“I like a man who cares and likes what he wears (…) because I also like and care about what I wear (…). Behind what we put on there’s a philosophy: of self-respect, of dignity and in general about caring (…)”

(I hope I selected and translated well, Andreea 🙂

And I dig that.

I think one should wear stuff that’s comfortable and fun. As a clothes maker, wearing stuff it’s even more fun: you’re wearing stuff that you imagined, drafted and sewn. And the clothes get to be – effortlessly – very “you”.

What do you think about clothes and dressing up? Is it important to express who you are through what you wear or is it just a detail and the truly important things are always hidden from the view?

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