Painting a Tshirt with Acrylics

hand painted tshirt

I bought this fabric medium for acrylics and decided to try it out on a tshirt.

I used a cardboard to keep the tshirt flat and masking tape to keep everything in place. I then traced the design with a white pencil and painted on, mixing the acrylic paint with the medium.

hand painted tshirt

I then let it dry overnight. I didn’t heat set it, as I want to see how the paint behaves when washed. Since the design is pretty transparent (not because that’s what I intended, but rather because the medium seems to sort of eat the pigment – does that make any sense to you?) I wouldn’t mind if it would wash a bit more. Hopefully I can get the old tshirt look πŸ™‚

Wouldn’t that be cool? Well, fingers crossed.