Playing with felt and fabric

blue and white leaves external drive case

I wanted to make another pouch for an external hard-drive the other day so I decided to try a felt and fabric mix.

The last hard drive pouch was made entirely out of thick felt and it proved to be extremely practical to use and easy to carry around without fearing you’ll damage your precious device and the data inside.

blue and white leaves external drive case

This time, as I was working through my scrap stash, I decided to use this blue fabric I got from Ikea. This fabric was great to work with (I already made a bag, a pillow-case and used it in patchwork) and in my next trip to Ikea i am planning on getting more of it.

I wanted to see if the case would be thick enough if I didn’t use any cotton batting, just line it with felt. And It is. Hooray.

blue and white leaves external drive case

Another cool thing, especially if you’re making a phone or an Ipod case, is that the felt will keep your device shiny and fingerprint free, which is very convenient if you’re a bit of a neat-freak.

The funny thing about this pouch though is that I miscalculated the centre of the pouch and the button is slightly misplaced – thing that I decided I like 🙂

So, if you feel like sharing your tips about external drives, ipods, ipads and mobile phones just write me a line or two below!

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