The problem with sewing as much as you want

The only problem with sewing as much as you want is that you end up with lots of stuff. Lots of garments you loved to think about, plan out, and make reality.

But how much stuff does one need?

Not so much, I think.

When putting back in storage (finally!) my winter clothes and reviewing my possessions (which I am trying to keep to a certain minimum that still lets me discover new combinations and garments I love and not worn in a while), I realised I have a bit more than I really need.

Do I love everything I sew? I care for all of them, because I made them and I liked making them, but If I could give them away to someone who would enjoy them as much as I do, I would be just as happy. But I don’t feel like giving them away to someone who doesn’t understand their value. Do you know what I mean?

So what do you do with the too many garments you make every season? Do you keep them all? Do you have a friend with similar fashion taste to give them to? Do you just donate them?

I am also curious, what do you love most, the process of sewing or the final result?