New Square Sculpted Handle Bag and a Story

This weekend I’ve realized with great surprise that sewing is not at all like riding a bike. It’s more like cooking: once you know how to make a certain type of food you’ll always know; but that doesn’t mean that you can’t still mess it up really bad.

This weekend I tried to remake the sculpted handle square bag I made some time ago. But it was impossible for me to remember the trick. In the end, after a lot of stitching and unstitching I conquered a very similar version of that bag. But it was very irritating not remembering what I did the first time.

I saw this type of bag on Craftster some time ago. I tried to find the original post, but I couldn’t. I will keep on searching, if I figured it out once, I can figure it out again, right?

Next time I’ll make it sturdier. I am also considering doing a laptop sleeve like this: 2 in 1 sleeve and bag.

Does this ever happen to you? Forgetting your own tricks? or I should just sew more and talk less, maybe? 🙂

2 thoughts on “New Square Sculpted Handle Bag and a Story”

  1. It happens to me all the time 😀 I started taking all kind of notes to help me remember “the right way”. Anyway, I think u’ll figure it out. Or u can try taking notes :))

  2. So it’s true! I can’t believe it. I will take notes, you know: >

    It’s good that I am making this tutorials too – they’ll help me remember how to do things next week 😛

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