Self Stitched September: Shorts

I entered Zoe’s Self Stitched September challenge with the goal of sewing more clothes, inventing new patterns and sewing things I didn’t sew before.

Last weekend I tried out a pattern for “formal shorts” as they put it. It was a disaster. After mending and cutting and puffing and adding I got something that looks more like a pair of bloomers. The intention was to wear them outside but the more I look at them the more they look like pjs. Long, long crafted pjs.

Today I modified the pattern to make them more wearable, but the version I got is still too puffy in the front for my intention. Since I wanted just to test the pattern and then eventually wear the pants around the house, I played a bit and made them bicolor:)

The irony of faith is that I kind of like them and I think I will wear them outside, despite their playfulness:)

To sum up:

Bad: Hours and hours wasted on a pattern that doesn’t make sense (at least on my body).
Good: I have two new pairs of pants! I made an almost perfect buttonhole. I modified a pattern and the result was better than the original.

Worth it.


8 comments on Self Stitched September: Shorts

  • Pam

    I really LOVE your choice of colors and your courage to show things that didn’t turn out perfect!
    I made my first dress from a Tshirt pattern in 1974 and I cannot recall ever having sewn anything according to the pattern directions. EVER.
    My trick has been to use cheap muslin to make a test garment using a pretty wide stitch and then if it fits and works, I take it apart, write the instructions on the pieces with a sharpie and safety pin the whole thing together to be used as a permanent pattern. If you’re fabric is cotton you don’t even really need pins or weights since cotton sticks to cotton!

    • Sky

      That’s a very good idea. Much better than sewing something judiciously and keeping your fingers crossed. 🙂
      Thank you very much for your words.

  • k i t t e n

    But I love the first pair and I would wear it outside! (They look sexy-girlish) I don’t care what you think :-))

    • Sky

      Hihi. Ok, I will try and take them out, see how they behave : )

  • Shiloh mae

    I think the bloomer shorts are adorable! I would wear those out and about for sure. It’s all a matter of preference though.

    I love your talents and the things you share.

    • Sky

      You are very kind, thank you : )
      Since the autumn is showing her pretty teeth around here I will have to postpone the decision for next summer: )

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