Sewing Machine Goes to The Mechanic

I finally took my sewing machine to the mechanic.

After “thoroughly” cleaning it I noticed that the feed dogs wouldn’t raise for any reason whatsoever: not for sweet talk and not for icecream. (One of the reasons for opening it in the first-place was that the needle was biting into the throat plate and it was making a horrific sound).

I managed to hack it and manually raise the feed dogs but I knew that wasn’t supposed to be like that and I continued reading and obsessing over the feed dogs, thinking that this must be extremely simple and I am just missing the screw/the lever/whatever to raise them.

After Dana kindly send me photos of her sewing machine manual and opening it the fourth time I decided it was time to call the professionals:)

The very nice guy at the repair shop looked at it and concluded that there must be something broken inside if you can’t raise them manually. It was a moment of mixed feeling: happy that I wasn’t THAT simple not to fix it myself and sad to hear such a troubling piece of news.

He than said he’d call me. And I am checking my phone every hour, checking the ringtone and my voicemail just in case he called and I didn’t hear it. Oh, the distress in waiting and not knowing.