Sewing Small and Happy Things

In case you were wondering what happened with the dear sewing machine after the surgery, you should know she’s alright. She doesn’t make as much noise as she used to but she definitely needs the touch of a pro. Will keep you tuned. (There was a lot of dust there and she needed the oiling – I do recommend that you do this from time to time to keep your machine happy. )

Meanwhile, for instant gratification sewing I present you the perfect half an hour project: oilcloth pencil cases: you only need two rectangles and a zipper for one and it looks great. It’s practical too! (Shht: if you don’t have any pencils, you can put your makeup in there.)

This pencil-case reminds me of going back to school, coloring books and trips to the countryside (when me and my sister used to pack kilos of pencils, crayons, carioca and everything else that could leave colored marks on paper, fingers and clothes).

Is there something magical about pencil cases, or is it just me?

And if you don’t want to answer just go to your local fabric store and buy a quarter of a meter of funny (kitschy?) print oilcloth. See how easy it sews and just have fun. Keep one or two for yourself and make a surprise gift to someone you like:)

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