A pleated floral skirt

I made a skirt! And I actually wore it outside the house, moments which are important in my life as a maker and wearer or skirts 😉

I was never a big fan or skirts because I considered them fussy and higher maintenance than a pair of shorts, especially when you bike, run around and sit in the grass, looking at ducks floating peacefully on the lake. But when I received this beautiful fabric as a Christmas gift, I thought it would make a really pretty skirt. I didn’t know if I would really wear it, but I made a promise to myself I would at least give it a try.

floral skirt back snap detail

Pattern and construction

The skirt itself is just a rectangle of fabric, shaped by knife pleats, with a fitted waistband. I used a zipper and a pressure button for closure.

floral skirt back detail

This is probably one of the simplest garments to make. If you’re not sure about the pleats, you could just sew a tube and gather it with a drawstring or elastic. Since the cotton has a medium weight, I thought the pleats would work better, but if your fabric is lighter, elastic might actually be a better choice for you.

floral skirt sq

I like the skirt because the cotton is quite heavy so it can stand a little wind. It also makes it bicycle friendly (tested!). The overall shape, a bit like an inverted peony looks very pretty, makes it look special. With flat sandals and a t-shirt it looks pretty and casual and it can look quite formal with heels and a silky blouse.

I haven’t lined it yet, but I think I will.

Garment notes:

Sewing pattern: self-made.

Things I wish I’d done differently: love this! Next time, I’ll make sure to add pockets in the side seams!

Fabric: around a metre of cotton, received as a gift 🙂

No notions, thread from my stash.

Final cost = nothing

4 thoughts on “A pleated floral skirt”

  1. Love that skirt! Such beautiful fabric and colours! And I love how the knife pleats give it that little extra sophistication 🙂

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