Skirty issues – how not to be afraid of skirts anymore

Chances are you might not look like Barbie. (It’s not her fault she’s so beautiful:P) And that you might be a fan of some women magazines. And that, even you are all grown up, smart and serious – not to mention extremely hot:)- you might think that your legs are too fat/too chicken-like/too short/too strange/too manly. That’s all fine. 


What is not fine at all is that you say no to skirts. Not as long as there are so many fun ways of dressing up. OTHER than pants. Or jeans. 

All you need is a little knowledge (know your body type), a little sewing skill (mend it to make it your best fit-that is why you’re doing it yourself, right?) and a little guts. 

So just get out and make a gourgeous dress that will make your girlfriends green with… admiration:) And swim in those long, long looks the men are gonna treat you with:)


Look at some fun skirts I have on my list, maybe you get the feeling. (Sorry I have no idea which is from where. But this time only, I promise:)




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