Sole’s Brand New Goodbye Kitty Bag

I never liked Hello Kitty. If you’re on that side, I am sorry. I am sure you’re a wonderful person, but… Hello Kitty? No, no, very bad.

When my friend, Sole told me she wanted a Planning World Domination Bag as a birthday present, I thought, cool, that’s a design that’s getting popular 🙂

But when she said she wanted an embroidery with a Goodbye Kitty on it I just smiled and sewed.

The bag is dark blue and the fabric is a thin linen I found recently. I used a tapestry fabric for the lining so it would give the bag a nice hold. I prefer not to use (fusible, iron-on) interfacing because it makes washing and ironing a bit trickier.

If it were me I would have skipped the Goodbye Kitty embroidery, because the black and white palm tree fabric contrasts nicely with the dark blue. But she can always wear it on the other side if she wants!

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