Spring Play: Flower Inspired Outfits

Spring is almost here and what better moment to shuffle, edit and update the way you dress. I didn’t do a lot of sewing this winter. Even though I live in a Mediterranean climate, winter mornings, when it’s still dark outside and you hop on your bicycle are still cold.

I can’t even think of dresses or silky shirts, just my practical everyday bike to work uniform, which is mainly constituted of pants and a jumper. Not very chic, but warm and comfy.

But spring, that’s a whole new story. Spring is wonderful here. With crazy blue skies and timid cotton-bound clouds, with soft sun-rays filtered through the palm trees, on your face.

I needed to play a bit with colour and come up with a few flower inspired outfits for spring. My winter closet is all dark blue, grey and black so I have to teach myself colour again.

1. A woodruff inspired spring outfit

woodruff flower

Woodruff Inspired Outfit

If you want to look like a woodruff you will need a lot of green and a touch of white. I chose forest-green pants, grass-green shoes and an apple-green scarf. The top: a white button-down shirt or a t-shirt.

2. Very, very blue, like a hyacinthus

blue Hyacinthus

Hyacinthus inspired outfit


For me the smell of spring is the smell of the super sweet, nauseating hyacinthus. There can’t be spring without it!

An outfit inspired by this flower is pretty easy: use a few blues, whiter on top, darker at the bottom and some sort of green shoes.

(In my house, next to the parsley, the sage, the rosemary, the licorice plant, I also keep a small white hyacinthus.)

herbs and a white hyacinthus.jpg

3 An outfit with spring flowers and bees

bees and white spring flowers

birds and the bees outfit


I was never a big fan of pink, but sometimes, especially when you play dress-up, it’s good to change things up. In this flowers inspired outfit, I’d use shades of peach and red-pink and orange yellow altogether, then I’d splash as much white as I could.

What about you, what inspired you to play dress-up lately?


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