Spring Sewing Wishlist

Spring is here and I haven’t yet posted my sewing wishlist. Oh, no!

April is almost here and there’s one week left of my get rid of a thing a day challenge. (Actually getting rid of a thing a day isn’t as easy as I thought it would be. It involves thinking, deciding, organizing – but more about how that went next week 🙂

My plan was to post the sketches and woo you, my wonderful readers who leave me comments and email me (thank you), but I might miss spring altogether if I wait until I have all the sketches, so here’s what I have in mind for sewing this spring.


elastic waist ultramarine skirt with applied pockets
sky blue skirt with a kite painted on a pocket (like you so kindly suggested 🙂
black puffy skirt sewn in light cotton

blue blouse with painted flocking birds (I have this one already, yay)
sloppy scoop neck white tee with a small pocket and a curved hemline (can’t wait to try it)
kimono inspired blouse (still thinking about the details)

a new pair of my fancy pleated pockets shorts in a fun print
Well, that’s about it this spring for me. What about you? What’s the next thing you’d like to sew/make/buy for your spring wardrobe?

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