T-shirt refashion – freehand embroidery and cutting

I just saw Amy Carol’s post about transforming a sweater and I realized that unfinished jersey hems are starting to grow on me lately. There’s something casual yet a bit naughty about them.


And I’ve used it a couple of times by now: to crop the cleavage of a t-shirt, crop jeans etc., but this time I just took the scissors and cut right through. And I love the way it layers on top of other t-shirts or tank tops.

This t-shirt is a project that grew naturally dew to my stubbornness of cooking calamari a la romana without an apron 😀

If you have a t-shirt with some stubborn stains that would not go away, use them for freehand embroidery to create weird and never seen before embroidery creatures. Then take the scissors, close your eyes and cut away. (Don’t cut your fingers, you will need them for future projects.)