T-shirt surgery: Polo Tshirt to Fancy Blouse

A tshirt blouse? Why not

For a long time I have almost hated purple. And would never ever cross my heart and hope to die – would I buy something purple. Except eggplants, plums and grapes, their purpleness was allowed.

And now I just want it. Purple.

Had to buy it

So there it goes.


Refashioning a man’s polo to a girlie blouse – piece of cake!

  • armyofmice

    and looks better too 🙂

  • Ana

    the surgery was a success. behold, the T-shirt Blouse!

    • Sky

      Thank you for your kind words 😀

      @Dana: Mi-a placut super mult mesagerul cristi – iar tiparul asta nou pentru geanta din petice e super marfa!
      @Ana: We want more photos! Mi-a placut mult glimpse of zadar. Ce e zadar?: )

      • Ana

        zadar e un orasel cu stradute pietruite si cladiri vechi si frumoase pe coasta croatiei. urmeaza glimpses of zadar II 🙂

        • Sky

          Ce tare! Astept glimpses II atunci 🙂

  • Andreea


    • Sky

      You wow-ing me? 😀 Who? Me?

  • Does anyone have something else on this? I might would be interested to be told more concerning this as it’s all new to me

    • Sky

      If you’re talking about clothes refashion there are plenty of places where you can find more info. One of my favorites is craftster.org