Taco, Taco, Taco!

Words are so unnecessary sometimes.

Ok, if you must, let us talk about it. First, get or make guacamole, spicy tomato and peppers sauce, spicy turkey from the kebab or Shawarma place down the street and hummus.

Take a can of mexican spicy brown beans and mash them.

Fry some chicken pieces with condiments and salt.

Prepare the mescal you bought in hotel room size bottles because in your country is illegal to buy to whole bottle with the worm inside.

Heat your tortillas in a pan. Get ready.

Take a wheat or corn tortilla in your hand and get ready. Now put on it everything you want.

Don’t forget to take a crappy picture with your first taco because you don’t have enough patience and you are hunnnnngggry.

Forget about your camera and enjoy.

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