The Birth of an Orange Birdie Pin

At first there was felt, there were a pair of slender feet modeled with polymer clay and then painted over with acrylics. Oh, yeah, and there were eyes.

Then the felt cut itself into what it imagined itself a bird could look like.

Beads, confetti and spangles were attracted by the bright orange and they all decided they want to help decorate the soon to be bird.

A pin was mounted on the back of the bird so it could travel faster when attached to running humans (and no get lost).

The eyes were glued, the two felt sides of the bird body were sewn together with bright orange thread.

Last, the clay dangly feet were sewn.

And that’s how an orange birdie pin was born.

You must excuse the unclarity of the photo, the bird turned out to be very shy and almost impossible to catch in a photo.

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