Tshirt surgery: a tee-shirt mutation

tshirt surgery tshirt and shirt reconstruction

As you know, this month is about sewing more from the fabric stash (and in my case this also includes the “to refashion pile”), so off we go with a new tshirt surgery.

What do you get if you cross a tshirt with a shirt? A tshirt-shirt? Ok, ok, bad joke, I’ll stop.

Thing is this new piece of clothing born from the mutation of a v-neck white tshirt and a pink shirt is as comfty as a tee and as dressy as a shirt. Plus it’s really comfortable to wear under sweaters.

It’s easy to do to: i just cut the front part of the tee, from the v down. Then I cut the shirt in a spoon-like shape: the collar and the part with buttons. And then just sew them together on the wrong side of the fabric. And voil√†!