Turning a Barbie Doll into Psylocke. Day 1

I am on to a new project. You might find it strange in the beginning, but bear with me 🙂

I found this Barbie doll in a pile of old, dirty and broken toys. I am not really sure why I noticed it in the first-place or why I asked the vendor how much he’d sell it for. She was naked, had wet hair (it rained that day) and smelled kind of funny.

I thought, hey, I’ll save this doll. I’ll wash it, make some clothes, do something with the chopped off hair and give it to someone who’ll play with it. (Maybe my niece? 😀 But she’s still to young. Well, we’ll see…)

So I bought it. I got home and washed it in the washing machine. (It’s my old “impeccable converse” trick – it makes plastic look like new. ) I was sort of afraid that the eyes might get erased in the process, but that didn’t happen fortunately.

Her torso is the 1966 twists and turn waist (I’ve done my research, yes :P) and made in China, which doesn’t make it valuable. It’s not very new though because her arms are straight. And there’s another particular thing about this doll. Her head is not hers: it’s glued on top and the patent is 1976 (just before the Superstar face)

And today I’ve decided what to do with it. I am going to try to turn her into Psylocke: )

I don’t know if I’ll make it. I don’t know anything about doll restyling and it might turn out like a patched wannabe cool doll. But it’s sure fun to try 🙂

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