Tutorial- Another Way to Make Bias Tape

I love bias tape. I really do. But what I also love is finding a way to use scraps, leftovers, lefties, whatever you might want to call them.

I know that the whole point of bias tape is to cut the fabric on the bias (that is at a 45 degrees angle from the intersection of the wave in the fabric), but I thought, hey, if you’re working with cotton it might just work if the strip is cut parallel to one the direction of the grain. So I tried. And it works just fine!

Note: I call this tutorial the unbiastape, but apart from the part of cutting the fabric parallel to the grain instead of on the bias, you can use it to make “true” bias tape. Have fun!

1. Cut your fabric. I use old soap to draw on the fabric and a ruler. Then I cut.

2. Sew your strips together, right side on right side and then iron open the sewing allowance you left.

3. Should look like this on the right side:

4. Then iron the strip of fabric in half, wrong sides in.

5. Fold the margins inside so that they touch the line that you made when ironing the fabric in half.

6. Press with an iron.

7. Ta-da!

8. This is how it looks when used.

Hope you find it useful 🙂

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