What is a fat quarter in cm?

Because I am used to the European metric system I always get confused when reading instructions where the metric is inches or yards. This is also why I try to always post both metrics on my blog posts and in the tutorials.

And I always get confused about the fat quarter – now after making myself a drawing – I can sum it up as a rectangle a little less than half a meter on a side and a little more than half a meter on the other.

I tend to remember things visually so in case you’re in the same boat here’s my drawing for you (and I both) never to forget what a fat quarter is!

how to cut a fat quarter

2 thoughts on “What is a fat quarter in cm?”

  1. Hi,
    there is an error in the image. 1meter is 39,5 inches, not 49 🙂

    I also live where is used the mt/cm sistem, but when I work I use yard/inch sistem. I feel they are more versatile.

    1. Thank you for the note, I will edit the image!
      And that’s very interesting what you’re saying that you work in inches. How is it more versatile?

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