What makes December such a magical month?

As a kid, December was always about Santa Claus, about singing carols, decorating the tree and making snowmen. It was warm, fun and magical.

For one reason or another, I realized one day, some of that magic got lost. Or so that’s what it seemed to have happened. Turns out it transformed, it grew into a feeling of being happy, cozy and close to the people you like most.

As an entry for the yoyo earrings giveaway I asked the same question: what’s your favorite thing about December?


As I was reading your answers I was becoming more and more excited about December, about winter, about Christmas. These comments could very well be a recipe of how to enjoy the holiday season.

So thank you. For your words and for participating in the giveaway.

Oh, yes and the winner is: Diane Livingston. She’ll receive a mail about the shipping info.


Thanks again for participating! And get ready for January’s giveaway (there will be fabric) 🙂

Update: Since Diane didn’t reply my email, and it’s been almost two weeks now, the giveaway goes to Alexus1325!


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