Whoo! I made another backpack!

The moment I saw this fabric I knew it had to transform into a backpack. I waited for some time before actually having the courage to cut it, but in the end I was happy I did.

The fabric is awesome, it looks like cotton on the outside but it’s stiff and impermeable on the inside. Looks like cotton, behaves like oilcloth? Magic.

I made up the pattern looking at an old backpack I had in the house. I also reused the straps because they were in perfect state. For the back part of the backpack I used quilt batting.

Since the fabric was stiff enough I didn’t have to use lining, so sewing the whole thing was pretty easy. Way easier than I expected.

14 comments on Whoo! I made another backpack!

  • kittenhood

    very pretty. love the fabric and what you did with it 😉

    • Sky

      Thank you :> I’m thinking to put up a pattern and tutorial, because anyone should be able to make their own backpack!
      Ps. Neat blog, yours. Added to my reader: )

      • joy

        please do! We would all love to have a good backpack tutorial as well as the pattern! =D

  • Cosmin

    Lookin fresh, keep it up!

  • Sky

    Thank you 😀

  • armyofmice

    love it! 🙂 it looks really good.

    • Sky

      Yay, yay, glad you like 😀

  • Belén Ruiz

    Hola Ina: estoy sorprendida y maravillada con la habilidad que tienes en la costura. Esa “mochila” (es un nombre colombiano) es muy, muy bonita. Yo pensaría que es muy difícil de hacer. Yo soy muy mala para coser. No se hacer ni un dobladillo. Qué vergüenza. No?
    Hace dias queria escribirte y aproveché y lo hice pues me sorprendió tu habilidad. Te envío un abrazo grandísimo y mis felicitaciones.

    • Sky

      Hola Belén,

      Me siento muy halagada por tus palabras. La verdad es que la tela es no solo muy bonita, pero tambien muy adecuada para este tipo de bolso.

      Muchas gracias por tu comentario y te devuelvo el abrazo 🙂

  • earthymind

    that is one amazing fabric you got your hands on!!!nice!

    • Sky

      I know, it’s great. And it was a gift, can you imagine?

  • trula

    Oh, I really like it.

    • Sky

      If it would only compare to the amazing things that you do 🙂

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