Welcome to my sewing inspiration log about sewing, garment design and pattern making.

I grew up seeing one grandmother sewing and the other crocheting and knitting magical things. I leave behind a trail of broken needles and metres and metres of ruined fabric. I am still learning.

Little history of this blog:

2008 – I move to Barcelona. My mom send me my sewing machine via bus. I start this blog.

2011 – after many years my sewing machine cannot be saved anymore – my local sewing machine dealer tells me. I bring in the oldie, say goodbye with sadness and buy another similar one – a plastic Sigma, which is the most expensive I can afford at this time. (I’m still sewing with this one 8 years in, beautiful baby).

2012 – Around this time I write a couple of time a week and invest a lot of time in this blog and reading other sewing blogs that keep my passion alive! My roommate learns to sew ten times faster than I did. She makes a dress a couple of weeks in. We share the sewing machine.

2013 – After much pondering I buy a Brother serger/overlocker. I am amazed.

2015 – I move to a small town in Canada, where I don’t shop for any new clothes and try to make everything myself. I make a lots of clothes. It’s worth it, as layers here are always welcome.

2017 – I move back to Barcelona and two very work heavy years follow. I take up bullet journaling and take time off from sharing what I make on the blog. I buy a vintage Sigma sewing machine, and bring it home with the bus. It’s all metal and weighs more than my sofa. This machine sews so beautifully, plus it gives me a full-body workout every time I try to put it up on the sewing table.

2019 – I dust off the blog and start writing again – let’s see where this takes us

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  1. I just discovered your blog. Thank you. Your taste is lovely, all the projects are gorgeous! Daphne from Greece.

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