Trying something new

I just created a newsletter here. It’s called Knitting with Noodles, because when you are obsessed with knitting you always think about knitting. I’m not sure yet how often it will go out, but it will be just about knitting. There’s a button to subscribe in this post and the newsletter is free : This …

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stack of knitted swaters

Warm weather closet rotation

After a cold and rainy spring, it seems summer has arrived in the Mediterranean area, where I live. Every year, I get overexcited and make the closet swap earlier than I should, and then I end up needing to layer things that shouldn’t be layered. This time I waited longer, and now it’s clear that …

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A summer in photos

As I chronicled the arrival of spring in my city, this year, it was interesting to me to see how my surroundings have influenced me in my making, the following months. So I made a collection of photos that represented the colours and textures of summer. Rich Mediterranean foliage in full sun. Getting lost in …

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