Free Embroidery Patterns

These last few days were cold and rainy. Even though they were the perfect time to enjoy the smell of hot roasted chestnuts in yout chicken :D, i felt the need to do something to cheer me up. So I started doodling and made this embrodery patterns for you to download and sew!

This is an original artwork by SkyTurtle so please don’t use this pattern in any commercial purposes. Do use it to give a personal and happy feeling to the objects around you 😀

I specially reccomend them for pillows, scarfs, or tshirts.

So I present you:

The lazy bear,


the curious flowers,


the shy tulip,


and the floral organic, more abstract pattern.


Instructions for use:

  1. Choose the right embroidery floss needle, and the fabric you want to embroider on.
  2. If the fabric is light, use fusing interface.
  3. Print out the patter.
  4. If the fabric is white of of a pale colour, put the paper against a window and trace the pattern with a pencil (it will wash). If not use carbon paper to trace the pattern onto your fabric. If you have an inkjet printer you can try ironing the paper – with the print facing the fabric. (Be aware that your patter will be fliped on your piece of fabric!)
  5. Get cozy, get a cup of tea, put some nice music and start embroidering! 🙂


I would love to see your work!

2 thoughts on “Free Embroidery Patterns”

  1. Thank you for your embroidery tips! I am working in a embroidery bag and I will show it if I ever finish it 🙂

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