Tank Top Crochet Refashion How To

Yep, yep, still in the crochet mood. This is a simple tank top that I embellished with pale pink crochet thread.
I used a 1.2 mm crochet for this. Scroll down for a tip on how to do it.

How to do it yourself?


The trick here is to build a row on which you can crochet. In an all crochet project you would do this with the starting chain. I did this by sewing the first row and then I started crocheting on top. These are three rows of simple crochet stitches.


If you want to learn the basic stitches in crochet, I find these instructions simple and clear. (And if I were you I would just play and experiment before trying to follow patterns, itโ€™s more fun:)

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