The confessions of a Craftsy class hoarder

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This is the sad story of how I hoard sewing classes (because they are amazing!) and then how I never end up watching them (because I find out about other amazing things!)

I want to change. A little. At least finish one of my 5 Craftsy classes that I enrolled in the last few years.

Now, Craftsy is having a class sale this weekend and I hope I have enough strenght not to take the Jean-ius Reverse Engineer Your Favorite Fit class. Must have discipline!

The 5 classes I am enrolled in and a bit of context about each:

Pant Fitting techniques with Sandra Betzina
Pant Construction techniques with Sandra Betzina

I took these two classes because I wanted to master the art of pants-making. I am pretty good at making pajama pants and have been lucky with some pairs of shorts, but I would like to really, really understand pant-making and always be able to make my own perfect pair of pants, wherever I go, with any fabric I want.

I almost finished this class until my first pants turned out huge and – after spending many hours watching and sewing – I gave up. I still have the pattern from the class and I’d like to give it another try.

Beginner Serging

This class is really great and I wish I had the patience to follow it, as I am now only using my serger at probably 5% of its potential. Must find a really good reason! I mean, project!
The classic tailored shirt

The classic tailored shirt is something I really want to make. And potentially master. I even have the perfect chambray in my stash. I don’t have a tailored shirt pattern, now that I left almost all my pattern collection when we moved, but I do have the Collette negroni with me, and I might just use that!

Essential techniques every knitter should know

I took this because I wanted to learn everything I needed about knitting, turns out I am super stubborn and would rather make a million mistakes than listen to the soothing voice of this lady to can probably knit anything.

Please note that the link above are affiliate links, which means that if you want to commit the same sins feel as passionate about learning as I do, I will get a small percentage of the sale of that class. No pressure 😉

What about you? Are you a class hoarder as well or actually a doer? How do you do it? What do you do while you watch the classes so that you can be attentive but not get bored?

6 thoughts on “The confessions of a Craftsy class hoarder”

  1. Oh, I totally get you. If it wasn’t for my tight student budget, I’d be a craftsy class hoarder, too. Especially because craftsy teases us with its super sales and special offers all the time.

    I enrolled in „The Classic Tailored Shirt“ last year and it was sooo good! But Gerties „Bombshell Dress“ and Susan Khaljes „Couture Dress“ still remain unwatched (I used the latter for advice on how to make a muslin once, but that was it).

    I guess the big advantage and disadvantage of craftsy is that the teachers are explaining everything super slowly. It’s great if you haven’t done it before (I loved Pam’s calmness in the shirtmaking class), but if you know your the nuts and bolts, you’re just waiting for the interesting part and can easily get bored. In which case I usually just fast forward to the interesting part 🙂

    1. Oh, and did you make a shirt? I also loved Pam’s calmness, but I fell asleep several times watching her (please Pam, don’t read this, I swear it’s me, not you!)
      You are so brave to fast forward, though! I’m too afraid I’m missing the best part!
      Thank you for the comment! Makes me feel a bit better :>

      1. I made two shirts for my boyfriend using Pam’s class (rather than the cryptic Burda instructions). Both turned out great and I guess my level of sewing knowledge back then and the fear of ruining a gift, let me sit through the class patiently.

        Oh, and the best part is definitely the yoke trick, somewhere in the middle 🙂

  2. Oh man, I just never remember to watch these classes! I have the Jean-ius class and started watching it years ago, but never really got going. And I was thinking that was the only class I’d enrolled in until you mentioned the bombshell dress… oops, guilty of that one, too!

    1. I almost enrolled into the bombshell one too!
      Hm… so jean-ius didn’t really change your world, did it? (Devastated but also kind of relieved )

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