New Knits, Oh the Possibilities

Check out these new thin knits I bought! They are just wonderful. The green/khaki one is the thickest and I am thinking to make a long hoodie out of it. I really like this one from Free People. It has all the chances in the world to look like a sack and to end up being used around the house, but I would actually enjoy wearing this with a pair of tall socks.

When I initially bought the purple/wine knit, I thought of making a t-shirt dress with an asymmetric hem, but then I realized the fabric might just be too transparent for it. Now I would have to rethink this for autumn…

With the blue/turquoise jersey I could make a long sleeved relaxed tee that I could later wear over a shirt. I really love this one from Hemingway and Hepburn.

What would you make out of these fabrics? What knit jersey project have inspired you lately? Share the love 🙂