A boxy brioche cardigan

I’ve been in love with babaa sweaters and their whole aesthetic for some time now, and even if I respect the ethos and the branding and offering decent wages to their employees, based on their price tag, I am not in the target audience. But I can make something that reminds me of what I like about babaa: wooly wool, defined stitches, boxy silhouettes.

I made up this cardigan and for a first time doing it, I am pretty chuffed with how it turned out.

brown cardigan

I knit it in holstgarn supersoft, held double in the colorway embers and used modest plastic buttons from the bazaar.

It’s big, cozy, I can wear it on top of many sweaters and I love it.

squishy brioche

Of course it’s time for it to be packed away now and rediscovered in autumn, when the auburn cozy goodness will feel new again.

handknit cardigan

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