Blue sky, green grass, short-sleeved raglan sweater

After making my first raglan sweater, I wanted to play a bit more with colours and tension.

wool sweater

When I first saw holstgarn at my local yarn store, I bought two skeins each of sweet pea green and opal blue yarn, but I hadn’t decided what to do with it before knitting that first raglan. I held it together double and the fours skeins were enough for a cropped, short-sleeve, boxy t-shirt sweater.

wool sweater detail

I love that I’ve already worn it so many times and how light and yet warm it is.

raglan short sleeve

After making this one and seeing how easy it is to layer and wear, I am planning on knitting more.

handknit sweater

The colours, together, once knitted, remind me of the old screensaver with the really blue sky and the really green grass.

Happy May the 1tst!

4 thoughts on “Blue sky, green grass, short-sleeved raglan sweater”

  1. I love this combination, I usually combine an electric blue with military green, but this is so much sweeter <3

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