My weekender sweater in holst supersoft

New Year, new sweater! It’s the weekender sweater by Drea Renee Knits

I made this in holst supersoft in the colorway crimson. I overdyed 150 grams to get this rich wine color and get the marled effect.

I’m so happy I got this colorway to work in the end, because this yarn has been through a lot! It’s been frogged twice! When I bought this, I had the idea of having a festive red sweater, and I made it. And barely wore it twice and felt strange. Too much red for me! So I tried to overdye it, and it worked, but then I had too little overdyed yarn for a full project, because I was afraid it would look horrible, and I was afraid to commit. Oh, the drama!

And then I just had this spark of inspiration that marled would just work out, and it did. So the final color is a much darker red, which I am very happy to wear.

I still have 187 grams of the crimson cone (I heard that the cone itself is 25 g, so 162g in total) and I think I can use it in a colorwork project.

As I was knitting, I was afraid I didn’t have enough of the burgundy yarn, but the whole sweater was 270 grams in the end, so I even had leftovers. Was it playing yarn chicken if you were fine, just needlessly stressing about it? I knit a size 1.

I liked this project, initially I thought the arms were too tight, but as I’ve worn it and the wool relaxed, it’s perfect! Wool is magical.

You can also see a peak of my Framework bralette by Jessie Maed, an FO I was going to frog, but couldn’t bring myself to do it, because it was just too beautiful. I sewed in an elastic casing as I saw Marina Skua do, and it was perfect! I was also iffy about wearing the Holst Coast I knit it in against my skin, but that was also totally fine!

I have some cotton yarn in my stash, and I’m thinking this could work in cotton as well. Oh, and it was all stash knitting 😇

I have more stash projects in progress this winter, and hopefully I’ll manage to post about it here as well. What are your knitting plans or intentions this year?

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