Great example on how to mix craft mediums


Piku bags

Theres is a website I have been following for a time now and the girls are getting better and better. Today they posted some pictures of new knitted bags, and I just LOVE them. They are lined and all. Take a look at their website and start happy-ing 😛

Mindful living: what matters most to you?


That moment when you have a lot of extra work to do and you’re wondering: why am I doing this? And moreover, am I doing the right thing? I’m cuddled on my white sofa, covered in the soft, baby blue blanket smelling of shampoo and I am procastinating. I find this story:

I’m usually up around 7am-ish checking my emails, going over my to-do list for the day and reading my daily blogs and websites while sipping some tea and munching a light breakfast.
The rest of the morning is usually spent packaging orders while picking up around the house. I take a break at some point to work out for a bit.
Lunchtime is spent with my wonderfully supportive boyfriend.
The rest of the afternoon I’ll either paint, work on digital illustrations, or design/print/package/photograph new items for the shop.
Then while cooking dinner, I update my shop with new items and “relists” and I finish up any emails for the day.
I usually don’t stop just because it’s 5pm, but I do move operations out into the living room. Normally during the evening I will work on sketches or line art for various projects, although sometimes I enjoy painting in the evenings too.

This is a normal day in the life of StephanieFizer, in an article on Etsy.

This sounds wonderful and I promise myself I am going to be more mindful about my free time in the future.

Another type of craft – brewing

Wine glass with beer, originally uploaded by jamarre.

Often people think of things that are obsolete, about their grandmother’s attic, about witches and about artisans when they hear the word craft. But the world is full of people who need to give more value, more depth to the simple things surrounding them. I read this post about a brewer in Italy, trying to change the vector and make his favorite drink, beer, as fancy as a stinky, old cheese.

I am now enjoying a simple glass of beer and thinking of Mr Musso’s delicatessen. Mmm.

Free Embroidery Patterns

These last few days were cold and rainy. Even though they were the perfect time to enjoy the smell of hot roasted chestnuts in yout chicken :D, i felt the need to do something to cheer me up. So I started doodling and made this embrodery patterns for you to download and sew!

This is an original artwork by SkyTurtle so please don’t use this pattern in any commercial purposes. Do use it to give a personal and happy feeling to the objects around you 😀

I specially reccomend them for pillows, scarfs, or tshirts.

So I present you:

The lazy bear,


the curious flowers,


the shy tulip,


and the floral organic, more abstract pattern.


Instructions for use:

  1. Choose the right embroidery floss needle, and the fabric you want to embroider on.
  2. If the fabric is light, use fusing interface.
  3. Print out the patter.
  4. If the fabric is white of of a pale colour, put the paper against a window and trace the pattern with a pencil (it will wash). If not use carbon paper to trace the pattern onto your fabric. If you have an inkjet printer you can try ironing the paper – with the print facing the fabric. (Be aware that your patter will be fliped on your piece of fabric!)
  5. Get cozy, get a cup of tea, put some nice music and start embroidering! 🙂


I would love to see your work!

Girls and Tatoos

One thing I noticed in the last few weeks living here, is that Barcelona is full of beautiful, sexy, tatooed girls. And I’m not talking about a 4/4 cm tatoo, of tribals or (fake) chinese symbols, I am talking about BIG tatoos. About floral, colorful, arm-dressing, neck-covering, back-loving allegories. Some visibly floral, art deco like, other more abstract, but mostly just nice to look at.

tatoo, originally uploaded by nelo2006.

Monotone wordpress theme is not good for craft blogs

Or at least for mine. I’ve been testing it for a month and a half now for the shop blog and now I am convinced that if you need a simple design, to show the best pictures of your arts/ crafts, this is not it.

It does not adapt to the width or height of your screen so you can find yourself scrolling just to see the whole picture. Linking between objects is almost limited to next next, previous, which starts to be disturbing after a while. Even the background color change is strange for me because the color chose in the background usually does not contrast with the image itself. Plus the color changing does not give it a fun, crips aspect, but a rather discontinuous one.

It’s hard to see the text and now I woudn’t use if even for a photoblog.

Now, as a disclaimer, this is just my personal experience with a theme I wanted to use in a certain way. I am not saying that the theme itself is bad, actually it’s pretty good and this is why i chose it in the firstplace.

I am now testing DePo Masthead, an interesting three column theme, where the columns are for posts and the navigation is much easier. Happy now, will see how it works.

The Turtle Has Landed

Hello. The turtle is in Barcelona now. The weather is delightful and ideas come from everywhere. My sewing machine stayed home and the separation has become almost unbearable. Sniff sniff.

There are some shops I want to visit that I heard of from Craftster.

Mrrr. The turtle has to party now. See u soon:)

Sky Turtle plus Boogieshop = love

From now on you can find some of my stuff (felt pins, wallets, pouches and all kind of clutches, bags and schoolbags in the handmade art Boogie Shop.

For a great shop owner and wonderfull eye candies go to Bucharest, at No 101 Calea Victoriei Street.

Great for presents of self-treats!

Hello all

Hello all, and welcome to my new home.

Some of you are probably here because they know me from the joint venture Fancy Pancy.

This will be a blog dedicated to all seen, made, dreamed crafts.

They are both in construction so please bear with me for a little while.

Photo from flickr.