31 Slow living practices for early winter

At the center of slow living are time and the effort to control it. To somehow create more time. Yet slowing down ourselves does not change the passing of time, just our perception of it. We stop and notice little things and do things we haven’t done before and days seem longer. We rush and run, and do, and jump to the next and the days fly.

I don’t have time. But how are you spending your time? Here are 31 ideas to defy time and do things a bit differently this winter.

Here we, go, 31 slow living practices for early winter:

  1. Walk on top of fallen colorful leaves and listen to the sounds they make. Notice and describe below at least three sounds of those late-autumn leaves
  2. In the morning, first thing after you wake up, open your window and breathe in. What does winter smell like where you live?
  3. Cocoon yourself on the sofa with a blanket and think of pleasant things for 5 minutes. Taking a nap is ok
  4. Bake a loaf of bread. Enjoy the texture of the dough, the smell of the bread in the oven, then when it’s done, break a piece with your fingers and eat it with butter or olive oil and a bit of salt (here’s my easy bread recipe)
  5. Take a shower and imagine yourself in an outdoor shower, on a deserted, tropical island
  6. Eat your favorite winter fruit as slowly as you can
  7. Try a week of no spending
  8. Meditate for 5 minutes. Use an app or search YouTube for guided exercises. I like Headspace.
  9. Sprout seeds for making a fresh salad. You can use mung beans, soybeans, lentils, whatever you have.
  10. Enjoy the growth of your tiny plants
  11. Sit on a bench in the park and listen to the sounds of the place
  12. Plant tulip bulbs to enjoy during spring
  13. Schedule an evening for “doing nothing”. Don’t plan to be productive, plan to intentionally “waste time”
  14. Try knitting. If you’re very experienced try knitting slower and enjoying your yarn and needles (here’s an easy knitting pattern for making a cozy hat)
  15. Frog something you won’t wear
  16. Darn a pair of socks or some other piece of clothing in need of some love. It doesn’t need to be invisible
  17. Sew fabric napkins for yourself (here are some napkins I made and then died with blueberries)
  18. Sit somewhere quiet and draw your favorite animal for a few minutes. Close your eyes, remember it, draw it. (Here’s what happened when I sat down to draw for a few minutes, for a month)
  19. Try a tiny embroidery on a piece of clothing. Use the smallest needle and the thinnest threads you own and embroider something on an invisible-to-others spot (Some inspiration)
  20. Choose a special kind of fabric from your stash, hold it in your hands, drape it over your body, over objects and imagine what it could become. Don’t take any decisions
  21. Mindfully and slowly clean and object you are thinking to replace. Make it as good as new
  22. Fix some annoying thing in your home: a sound, a leak, a closure, a door
  23. Cook a beautiful meal, like a colorful salad or sushi
  24. Write a mind map with everything that’s on your mind. Don’t overthink, just connect thoughts as they arise
  25. Work without your computer for 15 minutes
  26. Walk to work or from work one day and do your best not to rush
  27. Make yourself a cup of tea and imagine your own kind of tea ceremony
  28. Make someone a kindness
  29. Look out the window. Keep your phone in your pocket
  30. Pick up a book that excites you and silently read one page
  31. Take one weekly activity you do in a hurry and try to do it slowly, unrushed





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